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Are you pleasant to be around?

Are you nice to come home to? Are you nice to work with? Do people like being around you? Part of the answer for each of us is connected to how well we live out Proverbs 15:30: The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones. ESV A cheerful look…[View Article]

When we are not qualified to speak: Part 2

Last week’s blog post inspired some conversation online and offline so I thought I would clarify some things. If you want to first check out last week’s post HERE, feel free. I talk a lot about a “squeaky clean heart” in my conversations and teaching about living the Christian life. By that, I mean that…[View Article]

Can we forgive without being asked?

Forgive us our debts as we have also forgiven our debtors. It is difficult to forgive people when we don’t feel like forgiving.      -Perhaps the wrong is just too big,      -Our hurt is simply too large and raw, or      -The person will let us down again anyway. Though all of these thoughts…[View Article]

Am I loving well? Part 4: Dying to Self

It is the last day of February and our last day of considering means to reflect God’s love.  Thank you for going on the journey with me. Week 1: Speak well HERE. Week 2: Process emotions well HERE. Week 3: Forgive HERE Today, Week 4: Surrender Love dies. A verse I lean on frequently and…[View Article]

Am I loving well? Part 3: Forgiveness

No matter how many times I participate in a Q&A after a talk, if forgiveness was even mentioned, it gets the most attention in discussion afterward. Forgiveness is an understandable sticking point in our spiritual lives. Each of us has suffered from the decisions, actions, words and sins of others. To hear the stories breaks…[View Article]