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Imperfect Perfection

We are imperfect and limited. God is perfect and unlimited. How do these two truths work together? Why did God make us limited? It wasn’t a cruel joke. He didn’t create us to gain some sort of satisfaction from watching us struggle. He also didn’t create us because He needed something from us. He has…[View Article]

You might be the only one. Just you.

This week Beth Moore publicized on Instagram that one of her staff members, Lici, was rushed to the hospital and had a blood clot removed from her brain. Lici is still not awake. It has been some days. Since I have attended Living Proof Live events featuring Beth Moore’s bible teaching and enjoyed worship led…[View Article]

Pray one day at a time.

We have all heard the phrase, “Live one day at a time.” I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle to live this way. When there is something on the calendar that requires my preparation or leadership, half of my mind wants to remain preoccupied with  the  future. I have difficulty focusing fully on…[View Article]

How did a high priest in Satanism answer?

Early this year I received a daily devotional in my inbox HERE from Freedom in Christ Ministries. Neil Anderson, the founder of this incredible ministry, shared that one of the most dramatic deliverances he has observed happened in a man who was a high priest in the upper echelons of Satanism. Neil writes, Six months…[View Article]

Don’t read the Bible…

Pray the Bible, instead! My son and I are currently reading through Matthew. We just started at the beginning and won’t stop until we finish. Each day we grab the next few verses in chronological order, discuss what they mean, pray, and then he leaves for school and I leave for work. It’s casual and…[View Article]